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Amazonas Conservation Initiative Peru


Amazonas Conservation Initiative is dedicated to science-based conservation of threatened wildlife and their habitats, and to sustaining positive human–environment interactions with indigenous people who call the rain forest Home.

We believe conservation success is defined by helping nature thrive so the people who depend on it live productive and sustainable lives.

It means a protected forest with old-growth trees, clean river water, and honoring the traditions of indigenous people so they may live in harmony with nature.

And to strengthen the rainforest ecosystem of the Nieva River Kampankis Mountain area by facilitating sound conservation principles and supporting protection of the community land.

In the face of climate change and other threats to the ecosystems that sustain our planet, we continue to work urgently to save more intact landscapes and the diverse species within.

We are dedicated to our mission: to conserve biologically diverse landscapes in Amazonas, in concert with local cultures, for the well-being of the planet.

Our Amazonas Conservation Initiative is a collaborative project with Peruvian conservation organizations and eco-tourist companies who are committed to the protection of the rainforest and honoring the traditions of indigenous people.

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