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The Amazonas Conservation Initiative is a collaborative project with Peruvian conservation organizations and eco-tourist companies who are committed to the protection of the rainforest and honoring the traditions of indigenous people.

We are scientists, conservationists, adventurers, photographers and, yes, like yourself... on a Journey.

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Dr. Peter Lerche
Director & Co-Founder

peter lerche

Anthropologist, historian, author, explorer, and authority on the religious world of pre-Inca Chachapoya, Peter has lived in Amazonas since the 1980's and has given hundreds of lectures over the years on Chachapoyan history.

His past government positions include: Tourism Development Consultant of the Reginal Government and Director of the Department of Conservation Archaeological Monuments of the National Cultural Institute/Amazonas.
Between 2007 and 2010 he was mayor of the city of Chachapoyas. Later Peter served as the Director of the Regional Branch Office of the Peruvian Ministry of Culture for Amazonas.

In recent years Peter’s work with 11 indigenous Awajún communities and the regional government of Amazonas, resulted in the establishment of the Pamau Nain Conservation Concession, protecting nearly 115,000 acres of pristine Amazon rain forest.

Peter’s conservation efforts continue today with Amazonas Conservation Initiative’s work with the Awajún Communities of the Kampankis Mountains.

Davarian Hall
Director & Co-Founder


Following davarian’s first visit to Peru in 1982 davarian provided stock photography of the Peruvian Andes and rain forest to international publications.

With the advent of the WWW his computer and photography skills lead to website architecture for an international conservation organization. This included working with the Machiguenga Communities of South Eastern Peru to establish five research/tourist lodges.

In 2008, in collaboration with a Kukama Community and with partners, davarian built the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center on the Yanayacu tributary of the Amazon River near Iquitos.

In 2018 davarian's conservation work continued in the far remote area of the Amazonas Department of Peru working with the Awajún people and the founding of the Amazonas Conservation Initiative.

“Peruvian legends and myths are my life’s blood of adventure – my favorite trips being ‘In Search of the Black Lagoon’, ‘Pongo de Mainique’, and Expedition to Shubet Mountain."


Kit Herring

Kit Herring has journeyed extensively throughout Latin America, Africa, and Asia and formerly worked as a writer for the National Film Board of Canada and as an international travel photographer.

He has published work through The Population Reference Bureau, the University of Florida, and the Costa Rican Tourist Board. The Sierra Club archives his slide show presentation, Humans and the Environment, on video and his work in South America has been featured in National Geographic Adventure and The New York Times.

A long-term visitor and sometime resident of Peru, he has worked with a number of NGOs in that country.

Kit Herring


Dena Garvue

With extensive field work in the tropics in endangered species research, Dena possesses knowledge of plant-animal interactions giving insight into the types of plants that are likely to attract certain types of animals, or which plants are crucial to the survival of certain animal species.

Dena Garvue


Demostenes Jima Chamiquit
Director Amazonas Operations

Demostenes Jima

Growing up in an Awajún community, Comunidad Nativa Seasmi, Demostenses Jima learned at an early age the importance of the plants and animals of the Amazonas rain forest and their role in sustaining not only the traditional life of the Awajún people but as well the well-being of our planet.

Currently Demostenes work is as manager of the Forest Conservation Program for the Native Community of Ugkum. Previously he worked as Manager of the Forest Conservation Program for the Native Achu Community.

As consultant to Nature And Culture International (NCI) on a number of projects, Demostenes has earned a reputation as a devoted conservationalist.

Demostenes Jima

Amazonas Conservation Initiative's Awajún Field Guides and wildlife trackers. From left:
• Romero Anag, Head of the Native Community of Awananch.
• Fermin, member of the Iwanch Ukagmamu Community.
• Silas Shimpukat, Head of the Iwanch Ujagmamu Community
• Jose Bachuk, Head of the Ugkum Community.
• Center: Demostenes Jima Chamiquit.

Juan Carlos Palomino
Iquitos Operations

Juan Carlos

Recognized by the South American Explorer's Club as "One of the best naturalist guides for the Amazon".
Jungle Guide, Naturalist Expedition Leader, Research Assistant 18+ years of experience in the Amazon Rainforest.

• Certified Paramedic.
• Cornell University scientific research through the Yarapa River Lodge for 8 years.
• Director of Emerald Forest Expeditions (South American Explores Guide).
• Voyages to Remember, survival expeditions company.
• Jungle Expeditions with NHKWorld Japan; a 40 day trek to film a documentary on the rare Red Uakari Monkey in the Tiptoe River area.
• Joker avonture, (Belgium company); 17 years of repeated Camping and Survival Expeditions.
• Expedition Leader/Coordinating Naturalist and researcher assistant for the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Research Center.
• National Geographic Photography for the 2010 expeditions.
• Lecturer at Dartmouth University (New Hampshire, USA) 2012 about complementary medicine and gender in nature.
• Location manager and naturalist survivalist during the filming of Naked & Afraid.

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