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154,485 Acres Protected

Under the guidance of Dr. Peter Lerche the Peruvian government, with support from Nature & Culture International (NCI), has granted conservation status to 154,485 acres (62,518 hectares) of Awajún ancestral land.

The Pamau Nain and Dase Nain (on map as "Domingusa") Conservation Concessions span nearly 160,000 acres of rich Amazon rainforest, protecting endangered species alongside indigenous Awajún communities.

The Pamau Nain and Dase Nain Conservation Concessions play a key role in the advancement of sustainable industries that enhance the economic wellbeing of local people while preserving the globally important Amazon rainforests of northern Peru.

Work to create both Dase Nain and Pamau Nain was led by Peter Lerche and Eduardo Weepio – representative of the Awajún Federation – along with Miguel Ampush, Nelson Wisum, and Abel Wisum, who are members of the Supayacu Awajún community.

The Dase Nain Conservation Concession runs along the Cenepa, Marañon and Dominguza Rivers, and is vital to preserving the area’s water quality. Nine indigenous Awajún communities bordering these rivers are collaborating to monitor and enforce the protection of Dase Nain while developing sustainable projects such as organic cacao.

Dase Nain protects some of the world’s most biodiverse and beautiful Amazon rainforests and helps preserve the indigenous Awajún culture, which is deeply embedded in these vital forests.

520,447 Acres Proposed

Tuyankuas, Shamak Nain: Now, our work continues to establish conservation concessions Tuyankuas (214,763 acres) and Shamak Nain (305,684 acres); to develop sustainable industries such as cacao, and ensure that their protection of the forest is ongoing.

Supporting the development and governance of the Awajún Federation, and collaborating with member communities on sustainable cacao, bamboo and fine hardwood production is in part though the generous support of the Amazon Andes Fund and the Robert W. Wilson Charitable Trust.

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Amazonas Conservation Initiative is a collaboration between
anthropologist Peter Lerche, authority on the indigenous people of Amazonas,
and Davarian Hall.

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