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   Specialists for Amazon Birding

The Amazon Refuge Wildlife Center is renowned for birding, photography, wildlife and cultural excursions on the remote Peruvian Yanayacu River.

Expert naturalist guides, comfortable private bungalows and great Amazon cuisine await your visit to a natural botanical garden with amazing diversity of flora and fauna.

Amazon Refuge is one of the few companies in the northern Peruvian Amazon offering a variety of rainforest adventures. We can provided you with the best Amazon trip within your budget.

Our 5-day/4-night Amazon Refuge Adventure. Includes river transport from Iquitos to the Amazon Refuge Wildlife Conservation Center (and return). Accommodations in private bungalow with private bath. Private English-speaking naturalist guide, and all meals. Use of canoes, boats, and rainforest trails for privately guided treks. Full lodge services: Top Chef with true Peruvian meals. Laundry and Room Service. You will be exploring all aspects of the rainforest with an expert Naturalist Guide.
• 895USD per person (2-person minimum) •
• Xtra night 150USD per person •

Adventure Camping &/or Survival Trek, 7-days tent camping: Includes overland transport to the Amazon River port of Nauta, boat transport to the Amazon Refuge Camp. English-speaking naturalist guide, and all meals. Use of canoes, boats, and rainforest trails for guided treks. You bring your own tent and sleeping bag or hammock.

Under the stars of the Southern Hemisphere with the sights and sounds of true primary jungle - on a Hands-on Learning Experience:
  • Construction of lean-to, how to select a site, the woods to use to set up shelter; how to use irapay palm fronds to rainproof.
  • Construction of fire: wood that will have hard, dry interior even when waterlogged; use of copal resin as fire starter.
  • Sources of pure water: Immature yarina fruits, puca huasca vine and cano huasca vine.
  • Sources of food: Palm fruits, palm hearts from Euterpe and Iriartea genera, edible beetle grubs, legumes, especially from Inga genus, using barbasco sap to stun fish, canabrava to build fish trap, tamshi vine to make animal snare.
  • Raft construction: Recognition of balsa wood, tied together with tamshi vine, oar from remo caspii.
  • Mosquito repellent made from Nasutitermes termites.
  • Weapons: Fishing spear from cumaceba, bow from cashapona, string from chambira, arrowshafts from bamboo and arrowheads from cumaceba.
  • Survival Medicines: Venomous snakebite--piripiri leaves, venomous insect--curarina bark, fever--sanango root, disinfectant--pichirina sap, field dressing--fiber inside bark of machimango, antiparasitical--oje sap, dysentery or gastrointestinal distress--hierba luisa leaves.
  • Our survival area is a short distance from the lodge so no problem having charged batteries at all times.
    • 1195USD per person (2-person minimum) •
    • Xtra night 150USD per person •

Join us for boating & canoeing the rivers & lakes, hiking rainforest trails.

Activities can be customized to your personal interests.

Transportation from Iquitos or airport and return
Boats for transport, motorized dugouts for local touring and kayaks
Hikes and wildlife viewing led by naturalist guide
Private bungalow with shower/bathroom and balcony with hammock
Meals prepared by local chef
Housekeeping daily
Bottled water, tea and coffee
All taxes

Not included:
Gratuities for guide and staff (optional we recommend $20. Per person per day to be divided by guide with staff)
Beer, wine, spirits, soft drinks
Travel insurance
International or domestic Flights

All structures of the Refuge are completely screened and roofed with thatched palm.

Buildings are interconnected by covered walkways.

From the Dining building one walkway extends to a convenient bathroom, staff quarters, and a round hammock house.

The main entrance extends from the dinning building across a covered bridge with open-air observation platform with the walkway continuing to 5-bungalows.

Four of the bungalows can accommodate up to 4-guests per bungalow. Each has a private bathroom and hammock porch.

Bungalow number five with 2-bathrooms can accommodate up to 10-guests, or be used as a meeting room, recreation area, a science laboratory, or as an indoor yoga room.

A solar power system generates 110 and 220-volt electricity for outlets, lights, fans, and refrigeration.

Amazon Refuge bungalow

Iquitos - Amazon Refuge

Amazon Refuge itineraries include
• Airport pick-up in Iquitos.
• Private river transportation to the Amazon Refuge.
• Private cabin, all meals.
• Naturalist guides.
• Excursions viewing Pink Dolphins, caimans, and use of the Lodge's wildlife/nature trails.

Amazon Refuge
Optional Services

• Naturalist Birding Guides Amazon Birding.
• Shaman Spiritual Instructor.
• Camping in the rain forest.
• Extended excursions to the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve

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